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The Oasis Foundation is a community-based wellness ministry.  Our Mission is to improve community health through education and disease prevention programs. Working together with churches, schools, businesses and civic and other community organizations, we seek to provide a health resource and referral network, attacking the roots of problems and providing support and training.



Wellness…What’s it all about?

“It is an intentional choice of a lifestyle characterized by personal responsibility, balance and maximum personal enhancement of physical, mental and spiritual health.”


The term “wellness” has become a buzzword in many circles.  It has taken healthcare out of the medical community and into the churches, community centers, workplaces and schools.  It has driven many health systems to develop offsite programs to address lifestyle intervention in an unprecedented way.


In recent decades the medical community has come to realize that although prescription medications and surgical intervention can be very useful in the management of disease, there may be some compromise on quality of life.  Health care costs have escalated in recent years largely due to advanced technology and increasingly sophisticated instruments (gadgets), tests and diagnostic/therapeutic procedures.  This has also led to the interest in focusing on prevention rather than cure as a means of reducing health care costs.



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