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The Oasis Foundation, Inc. is highly informed and educated on ways to improve your health and well-being. You can put your trust in our professional and experienced team.


The following programs are available

  • HEALTH SCREENINGS – Knowing your numbers (Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Glucose, Weight) is the first step in taking control of your health.  Call to find out when our next event is offered.
  • COMPUTERIZED HEALTH ASSESSMENT – Your Health Age and How Healthy is Your Lifestyle?
  • BREATHE FREE 2: PLAN TO STOP SMOKINGÒ – A 9-session program that has helped thousands stop smoking. 
  • WEIGHT MANAGEMENT – Program focuses on accountability through the Buddy System to encourage weight loss.
  • DIABETES SUPPORT GROUP – A support group for individuals living with or at risk for diabetes and their families.  Activities include professional seminars, information exchange (sharing, caring, support) and recipe library.
  • WALKING CLUB – Walking provides one of the best modes of exercise and is readily accessible to most individuals. The Walking Club provides the support and motivation needed to initiate and maintain the practice.
  • NUTRITION/COOKING CLASSES – Eat your way to a healthier and longer life.  These classes emphasize the importance of nutrition in the lifestyle management of health.  Simple techniques and sample menus are shared.


Sponsored Programs (with other organizations)

  • RACE FOR A HEALTHIER FRAYSER - A series of healthy initiatives that provides interesting and informative health topics that challenge and are beneficial to Frayser residents in order to improve overall physical, mental and social health.

  • NOT IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD - A preventive initiative building awareness of various practices that threaten the health and wellbeing of the community. It targets children and youth in developing effective educational projects to promote awareness in the community.  Topics will include: opioid addiction crisis, obesity, tobacco use


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